Curriculum resets to a past challenge

How can I fix this issue. Recently, I used the Android App and completed a challenge. Now, when I continue on my laptop, the curriculum restarts at that challenge even though I have completed it and completed many additional challenges past it on the laptop. It seems to be accepting the completed challenges and recording but resets to the past completed challenge that was on the App. when the problem started.

I have tried… Sign out and sign in from the laptop. Deleting the Android App and reinstall, and sign out again from App.

Thanks. Mike

You can always jump to the correct lesson from the curriculum page.

Thank you, but moving to the next challenge wasn’t an issue. I really wanted to solve the problem of the course resetting to a past challenge I completed long ago.

I guess I accidently figured it out by only doing the first challenge again. It seems to solve the issue and now it continues from the point of my last challenge.

Thank again, I hope this helps anyone else that will run into the same bug.


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