Curriculum Update is incredibly well done. Thank you to all who made it happen

I have never been on these forms before, but I decided to look when I saw a few people complaining on social media about the changes. Big picture, you will get a lot more out of these differences than you might be considering right now. There is an excellent difficulty ramp-up as the curriculum progresses, and you will get so much out of working through the material.

Less text/ the text being above the lines of code you are about to work on is a well-thought-out adjustment. That layout might be an odd adjustment for some, but it seems like you are one step removed from working on your code independent of additional assistance.

The volume of steps per project is also a great addition, allowing one to marinate in the material. The mentality for many in an academic environment is “get this done as quickly as possible so that I can move on to the next thing.” While accepted by the masses, that is a counterproductive approach to learning/leveling up your skills to gain employment. Do not be afraid to take longer to learn something, as this will lead to massive dividends down the road. The format here is gamified to make it fun and rooted in fundamentals and is not torturous in any way.

If you are currently struggling with the new curriculum, start with the legacy one first and go to the latest update once completed.

Thank you all so much for giving this to the world. If all the future updates to other curriculums have this same style and format, then freeCodeCamp will create a better life for so many people.


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