Custom browser homepage - a replacement for bookmark managers

I had lots of interesting links to articles and blog posts laying around and when I tried to organize them, I realized how horrible bookmark managers really are. I tried to use different dashboards/plugins, but I wasn’t really happy with any of them. They all had fancy integrations with various online services, but all I need was to display huge amount of links.

So I developed my own homepage/startpage with the main focus on displaying as much links as possible at once with the ability to organize them into groups.

I think I am finally happy with the results. Current features:

  • Search bar
  • Clock & calendar
  • Countdown
  • Simple todo

Everything is written in vanilla js, because at first I wanted to inline javascript into html. Well, the code quickly grew out of hand, but it remains without any fancy frontend js frameworks. The code is not pretty, but it works and I hope someone finds this project useful :slight_smile:



This is such a cool idea. I’m currently working on teacher certification and actually made a study guide website. However, this is so much cooler!

I am glad you like it :slight_smile: