Custom Reports UI

Hi, I am new to JavaScript and am looking to create an interactive report that can be customized by a user.

I am planning to write various data tables into JSON format in the webpage.
Then allow users to interactively add tables, and properties to the report.
Everything will be customizable, which table columns to show, table order, filtering of data etc.
Users can add/remove the tables.

I can see that there are various different tools out there for doing this type of thing.
So just wondered if anyone had a good recommendation of what would be best to use to achieve the above.
Is there anything that could achieve this out of the box? Or will I need to do a lot of the coding myself?

Any advice would be well appreciated, thankyou for reading my post.

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This would take some time to do from scratch. Suggestion: either hire a programmer to do it., or ask one of the programmers who are nearing completing the course for a challenge to build it for practice.

The thing about using 3rd party is making their circle fit your square.