Customer Satisfaction Survey

Hi can anyone give feedbacks about my work pls.
here is the link

Thank you in advance …


Hi @rhoann! Welcome to the forum and ongratulations for completing your project!:clap::clap:

I think it’s a good start, although there are still things to improve:

  1. It still does not pass all the required tests
  2. If you copy the url of your project you can paste it in the W3C Markup Validation Service and find some errors in the HTML code.

On the other hand I think that if you create your projects in Codepen it is easier to review the code and therefore get feedback. :wink:

Cheers and happy coding!:keyboard::muscle:

Hi @MartaFagundez thank you for your feedback…i have a question …how can i possibly view the project that i have submitted in freecodecamp? I lost it somewhere or maybe mistakenly deleted but before that i have submit it to free codecamp…how can i open it again?
…thank you in advace…


a nice forum but I’ve noticed some issues.

  • Radio buttons of different questions have the same name property,
    so I can only answer one question
    How often you drink coffee in a day?
    Which part of the day do you drink coffee more often?
    I can’t answer both questions.
    you can choose different name property of each radio button group.

  • I’ve noticed that the forum is not fully responsive.
    On small screens, the <textarea> goes outside the forum boundaries.
    also, I think it would be nice to have some padding on the left on small screens.

  • The rating input, Idk if this is intentional or not, but I can’t rate the service below 50.

An additional thing you can improve the style of the input field may be changing the default border-style
by adding some radius to it, Idk, you can style it as you want
but a nice start :sunny:

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Hi @rhoann!
I’m sorry for answering delay.
I don’t know if FCC keeps a copy of the code, because what we send is a link to a url. I suppose they don’t keep a copy, but what the system does is check that the project passes all the tests. But I don’t know, it’s just my assumptions.:woman_shrugging:

Why did you need a copy?

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just had mistakes on commiting on github…some errors…but i’m all good now…thanks anyway.


Good clean form, but do look at the validation issue that @MartaFagundez mentions, and using different names for the two groups of radio buttons.

As to using your own domain, I do the same. I don’t really care for Codepen, I feel it fosters some habits I’m not a fan of. But if you do choose to use your own server, simply include the bundle.js script file from FCC on your page, it will let you test your code from whatever server. I do most of my developing on codeanywhere, and i’ve never had an issue.

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