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I have small CV and started applying 4 months ago. For 80% of applications I didn’t even get “Sorry, you don’t meet our requirements” feedback. 10% feedbacked almost immediately with refusal. But recently I got 2 technical tasks which I completed and sent back . 2-3 weeks passed and I got no feedback on them again… This makes me sad, I understand companies may have 200+ applicants, but I reminded them about myself week ago and still got nothing, even “We received your completed task, please give us some time to check it”. Did something like that happened with you as well?

Hi @Atissa !

I think your project descriptions need work.

“Angular7-my component-calendar with performances. It was a final exam project.”

I don’t think you need to mention that it is a class project. And that first sentence doesn’t really say a whole lot.

Why did you build this project?
What problem does it solve?

Also, why use Angular?
What kind of functionality did you add to this calendar?

Technically you can just build a calendar with html and css and call it a day.

This might be an awesome project but you are not really selling it that well.
“calendar with performances” doesn’t get me excited to click on it.

Same goes with Contacts list and Crepes&Burgers.

You have to remember that HR people are only going to look at your resume for a few seconds. So you have to give them something that grabs their attention or else they will move on.

It is hard to get that first job because you are not proven yet in the marketplace.

Just keep applying, learning and building.

Also, here are some helpful articles about resumes.

Good luck!


do not lose hope…revamp your CV and keep applying

It’s Covid-time, many people work at home, so the probability that you want juniors is lower than usual.

Also companies decreased their working hours, so recruiters have less time to scan your application.

And more devs got unemployed, so more people apply.

My recommendation:

  • as a self-taught dev, don’t go the “normal” formal application path
  • instead connect to real people and show them your skills, your city has a lot of inhabitants
  • tell your story, not some timestamps, e.g. what did you do after your degree?

Never sell your self short. Remove that junior developer. You are frontend developer ,that’s all to it.

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