Cybersecurity advice

I guys!
I’m here searching for help and advices.
I’m a factory worker without CS degree or experience. I only studied a little bit of html/css here on freecodecamp.

I would like to change my carreer and try to get into cybersecurity but i have a lot of doubts…
I can only study for 1h/day cause of my work and i think that, in my situation, it can’t be enough to get a junior job in 12/18 months.
(I really need to change my job, i can resist about 1 year but not 3/4)

Is it something possible or is it irrealistic?
I like IT so maybe can be a better idea to trying software development instead but my main interest is cybersecurity.

Sorry for the wall of text and for my bad english (not my first language)

It is possible.

Take this as a start for your research:

  • Research certifications like the ones from CompTIA (You will need them without a degree), their costs and what you would like to specialize in.
  • Get a cert in network and/or system admin first. This could already be enough to get out of your current job, be a stepping stone into cyber security and you know what to protect later on.
  • Join white hat hacker communities and be active there, build your professional network.

Best of luck!

Thank you, i’ll try starting with foundations!

Another thing to consider: You’ll have an easier time finding a junior position in system or network administration than in cyber security. Especially when you want to change careers in the time range you mentioned. It’s a good entry point into IT that will open many paths.

I had not considered it, I will inquire about these job positions in my country