D&D Tribute Page review and help

Hi everyone!!
Here is the link for the tribute page I made about D&D, i’d be happy to receive your feedback, since it’s the first thing I ever developed, and with only 4 hours of studying…
Also, I seem to have a problem with responsiveness, since the page looks alright on desktops, laptops and tablets, but when I try to visualize it on a smartphone in portrait mode everything goes out of scale

Be honest, but also gentle please, I’m a first-timer :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Luca

I wanna build an RPG character generator - any thing you can point me to online that spells out even the basics of D&D character creator? I mean back in my day you rolled 3x6d 6 times and laid it out :slight_smile:

To make less scrolling i’d set up some columns - you can probably do three wide - using bootstrap - for the racers and character classes. I’d space out your bottom quote from the top of the box - give it some padding so it’s not along the edge

(And you should mention the WOTC buyout no :)?)

Actually, as far as the character creation goes, now it’s like this: roll 4d6, take the lowest number out, and repeat… but that’s just for the abilities’ stats… now there is a lot more to add, and most of it is based on the background of the character. however you can see everything online, because WOTC has made the basic rules of the game Open Source, but if you need any advice I’m more than happy to help you in any way, I simply love it!!

Well ideally i’d prefer a shadowrun generator - but I haven’t been able to find any free online stuff and GURPS is so ‘vaguue’ - I didn’t know WOTC made it open source i’ll have to take a look at it - had a ton of the original books growing up but mostly just as things to read - Deities and Demigods was my favorite :slight_smile:

U can do responsive w/ bootstrap quite quickly… As for looks - I think it’s d&d… You could do dark & scary :grinning:

Your paragraphs could use some padding tho, it’s a bit crowded there.

( Cool idea anyways )