D3 certification projects make it hard not to copy and paste resources in the project

By every data visualisation certification project I find myself confused on how to do certain things that I find myself obliged to rewrite or copy/paste resources from the template projects since I haven’t learnt them in the course. Is it on purpose to encourage research when it comes to projects or is there an alternative to copying and pasting or rewriting the code for the parts I haven’t learnt?

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The course just looks like it was quickly put together so there’s not much meat in it, which is probably why the last 2 projects in particular are a lot more advanced than what was covered in the lessons,

There are examples in the d3 documentation that relate to the projects such as Bivariate Choropleth / D3 / Observable. It’s fine to lean on the examples, as long as you’re using them to learn/understand how the code works and not just copy/pasting, everyone learns from example code which is why documentation contains tonnes of examples

The first 2 or 3 projects can be done more or less independently from what I remember


Yeah that’s what I noticed as well. I think I’ll just skip this certification as I’m not interested much in data visualisation anyways. It’s still been useful for things like json files and XMLHttpRequests and a little bit of D3 knowledge.

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