D3 GDP Graph Feedback

Just finished my bar chart project.

Got to admit I came in very overconfident to this one thinking I would be able to whip it out in an hour or two. Really got a reality check with the hurdles i hit on the way. Great lesson.

Would love some feedback if you have time. One thing it’s not mobile friendly and i don’t plan on changing that for this project.

Thanks in advance. Happy Coding :slight_smile:

This looks great. I haven’t dove into D3 or SVG images that much, so I can’t comment on your code too much. The JavaScript looks clean and easy to read, and I dig the ES6 syntax. The colors you choose for the project are on point.

I guess the only criticism I would have is that you can try and stretch your skills by using the arrow function to define functions instead of the function keyword. The arrow syntax helps to control the “this” reference is JavaScript, which I have found helps to prevent bugs when using a Framework like Angular or React. This is sorta nit picky and only because you seem like you want some sort of constructive criticism. Very nice job.

You’re right, I definitely want to move towards complete es6 syntax. Thanks very much for the praise and feedback :slight_smile:

Why is the title of this pen “Bar chart” when it is not :thinking:

I accidentally overwrote the pen instead of forking it for a new project. Oops