D3 Heat Map. Tooltip Working Fine but Keep Failing Test

Hello. I keep failing the tool tip even though it is working perfectly. It also says it could find the data-year attribute even thought I coded in the attribute??? Everything seems to work fine on my heat map but I keep on failing the tests. Can someone please tell me whats wrong with my code? I used the same code as the last exercise and it was fine in that exercise but not in this exercise. And for some reason it says the x-axis is not aligned but it look aligned??? Thank you
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Challenge: Visualize Data with a Heat Map

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You have double tooltip.
Delete the one in HTML
for data-month, I don’t know, it expect not NaN value

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Thank you for noticing the tooltip mistake.

Im still failing 8 and 9… Can anyone tell me how to pass these? They seem to be lined up perfectly !