D3 Heat Map Troubles

Hi! I’ve run into a problem with my D3 Heat Map (here it is). Currently it’s failing test #8, and I’m wondering if that’s related to the fact that for some reason the very first month is not represented on the map, and for some reason October of 1758 shows up as a black box (it must not be getting it’s fill property correctly assigned, but I don’t understand how that’s happening. Thanks in advance for your time!

Test number 8 is expecting a Number value for “data-month”

I’m not sure what is going on with the black square or the missing first value (Jan 1753).

edit: After looking at the range for the Color scale, you have 1 too many options. Since heatColors has a length of 7, the color for heatColors[7] will be null and display as black. Also double check the legend colors match the chart colors.

Great! Thanks so much for taking a look at it—should’ve known the black square would be as simple as having a zero-index problem. That missing value though is still a complete mystery to me, what makes it stranger is that for a while when working on it that wasn’t the case, and then while working on something unrelated (at least I thought it to be unrelated) that cell disappeared. Thanks again for your help!