D3.js Library Usage and Application

I would like to know in which area is D3.js Library applied, whether it is in the Front End development or the Back End development, or is it on an entirely different arena. Your responses are highly “Thanked” in advance.

It’s applied on the Data Visualization curricula.

Thanks for the answer, but i still need to know where is Data Visualization (D3.js) applied, whether its in the Front End or the Back End.

front end

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It’s a library that lets you generate data visualizations in a browser, it only works in browsers.

Thanks for the answer, So where does it fall in the curriculum (Front End or Back End)

Lets say i wanna learn Front End will i also need to learn Data Visualization…?

D3 has a very specialised usecase (it’s for data visualization), so no, it isn’t at all required.


You don’t run browsers on servers, ie the back end, they are what people use to view websites/applications on their own computers.

Thanks for your answers…very much appreciated

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