D3.js, Visualize Data with Bar Chart: some tests not passed; submission valid?


I used my country’s GDP data to plot the chart for the project. But I’m unable to pass all the tests, though I’ve double checked the user stories, and all are met. Will my submission still be valid?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

If you read the test errors you will see the problems:

The number of bars is not equal to the number of data points : expected 58 to equal 275

Bars should have date data in the same order as the provided data : expected ‘2017’ to equal ‘1947-01-01’

That means the tests were designed specifically for the GDP data source provided in the project. Will I now have to redo the project with the given (United States GDP) data?

Thank you

I would keep the chart you did as a side project. It looks great. :sparkles:

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Alright. Thanks again. :grin:

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