D3 learn the mathematics needed for D3


I have started D3 and childhood memories are flooding back. I’m bad at maths! Really very bad and I feel utterly helpless. Maybe I just need to breathe but I think I’m going to have to improve on my math skills. Would you know where I can find a course or something to get in shape for d3?

Thanks and greets,

Hello there,

Generally, the level of Maths needed to use D3.js is quite basic. So, unless you are struggling with something specifically, recommending a course will be a bit of a guessing game for what you actually are looking for.

That being said, here is a decent course on the freeCodeCamp YouTube channel:
Linear Algebra - Full College Course - YouTube

There should be no need to learn anything more than that level, for using D3.js.

Hope this helps


Thank you very much, I suspect I have overreacted due to panic. I remember problems with graphs, technical drawings and interpreting visual data and D3 is difficult. Nevertheless I feel a lot better with the knowledge that there is some resource out there that I can turn to.