D3 scatter plot y-xis not showing ticks

For some reason I cannot get my ticks to show up on my y-axis. I feel like I must be missing something very simple, but am completely blind to it. Can anyone spot the error?

Here is my codepen

What langause is this in?

D3, a javascript library for data visualization.

Maybe this informations and the following links will help you out:

  1. Not placing x-axis dynamically.
  2. svg container is sized wrong and ends up on top of axis.
  3. Attempting to append a text axis label to y axis but you never actually append the text (and then apply attributes and styling to the axis itself instead of that missing text element).

Thank you for the attempt, but I am able to see the axis, just not the ticks.

I found what I was missing. The times were a string of minutes and seconds. I needed to convert them to actual dates with new Date()