D3 Scatterplot Challenge : Example Not Passing All tests

Recently I passed D3 Scatterplot challenge. I found example https://codepen.io/freeCodeCamp/full/bgpXyK is not passing 2 tests. Please update example with a good solution https://codepen.io/Anastasiia_f/pen/BaaZORY?editors=0010

Welcome, mit2u.

The example project passes all of the tests for me. Try running the tests in a different browser, or with browser extensions disabled.

Okay on changing time zone to US Eastern Time , all tests passed. But using .setMinutes() & .setSeconds() as specified in Anastasiia code passes all tests,even in my time zone(UTC+5:30).
Can’t figure out why?
Here’s my code JSFiddle - Code Playground