D3 Treemap Project Advice

Hi, I’ve been working on this project and stuck on how to make the text overflow hidden. I’ve researched that I need to make cells and append rect and text. But I feel like the solution is not mine, then I found that “copy-paste” in coding is somewhat okay.

I assume it’s okay for me to use that solution and try to understand what the code does afterward? Is everyone doing this when doing this project or is it just me? Advice needed! Thanks.

The projects are intended to be a cumulative review of everything you have learned thus far, but may also require external research. (I referred to the documentation for D3 a lot for those projects).

The projects are also the point of assessment for the certification, so you should most definitely NOT be copy-pasting code. It’s okay to research, it’s okay to read the docs, it’s okay to ask how others approached it, but the code you write for these projects should be primarily your own.

If you find yourself stuck, you are more than welcome to make a post here on the forums with a link to your CodePen, the question you have, and the steps you have taken in an attempt for a solution.

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Hi, actually i got the solution from the documentation’s example. There’s no hint in the documentation about formatting the text. Also the FCC Test doesn’t require text in the treemap diagram (but i tried to mimic the FCC’s example).

So to be safe should I not format the text? Thanks for reminding me the academic policy!