Dabbling in Design Thinking

I have just completed the Tribute page and started planning the porfolio challenge… I was thinking about the goal for a portofolio and how to avoid being too self-centered and instead build something useful for the person looking for a designer or developer…

I came across this YouTube video Design Thinking – Adobe Live Event Day 1 with Travis Nelson. He goes trough an Design Thinking process to come up with a prototype.

Granted, this video is quite long but it is worth watching back to back. After watching it I went from Just make something that looks like the example for the challenge to 'Discovery > Define > 10X > Prototyping I wont go into the specific steps but overall it is a much more deliberate approach and puts the user in the center.

Since I don’t know any potential design buyers my discovery phase was not to interview but to read blogs and articles with people describing the difficulties if finding good designers or developers, From their stories I found some themes which I will try to use in my design and content choices.

Design thinking was a completely new concept for me ,but it really got my mind working after I got introduced to it in the video. I now have four hand drawn A4 with ideas and prototypes.

I would love to hear anyone else’s’ thoughts on the video, or your personal experiences with putting Design Thinking into practice.