Daft Punk Drum Machine


Would love some feedback on my daft punk themed drum machine.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: Happy Coding!


Hello Nathan,

I would say this drum app is so cool! very cool. I had some time fun with it and played some nonsense :metal::star_struck:. “drink, darker; code it, faster”

I realized your image you used for page is dark(black), now considering following tip:
TIP: use background-color in case of your background image fails to load. so for you page, background-color:black would work.

This is so cool it’s responsive, really cool.

Since you are smart and expert enough pal, I would suggest you add some small stuff to your page, not for FCC, but for fun.

I suggest add one record option for it. it goes like this

  1. user press a record button
  2. then user starts press notes(keys) in order he likes, you keey each even in an array
  3. and eventually user stop the recording
  4. now user ask to play what he recorded, you play the items user recorded(read from the array and play the music)

Also think about the repeat option. Don’t know it it’s possible, let user set the pitch(the rate of play)

If it possible for each item user add for recording, show the progress, so user would undo and fix it.

Same think about random play too, let system select random order of some note and play some stuffs.

You did one good drum work dude.

Keep going on great work, happy programming.


Hey @NULL_dev glad you enjoy it! Thanks for the praise.

The background color is a great tip, added that.

Love the feature ideas! I think i’ll leave it for now (as i’m keen to get cracking on some more projects) but the ‘record’ feature and the pitch feature are two things i’ll definitely come back and play around with.

Thanks as always for the feedback :slight_smile:

Great fun to play with. Nice one. :sparkles:

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