Daily CSS Images

Hi all!

I am obviously late to the #dailycssimages challenge but for anyone that has done it and got the 50 emails is there anyway you could possibly pass them along to me? I am really wanting to do them so I can really get the most out of CSS images.

Hey, I was doing it too. I’ve taken a break at the moment, but I just searched for the tag and the day on code pen and Twitter, because most people posted them on there. And there hasn’t been any I haven’t found yet.

The first sixteen are:
Bear, Elephant, Beaver, Tiger, Dory (from Finding Nemo)
Clock, Ruler, Notebook, Calendar, Pen Pot
Pizza, Burger, Taco, Cheesecake, Pie

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Could you explain how this challenge works? I really need improve my CSS skills!

There’s a website???


I have followed this course https://coding-artist.teachable.com/courses/ who is the creator of the daily css challenge. You can see the ones I have tried here - https://codepen.io/angelinalblyth/

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Thanks. I have searched codepen for the # so going to get started hopefully tomorrow with them.

You can also try CSSBattle to practice CSS -> https://cssbattle.dev