🤓 Daily standup study group - anyone interested?

I’m looking for ~4-6 study buddies who:

  • are self-teaching themselves software development (ideally with an aspiration to become a professional dev in the future)
  • are doing so full-time on a continuous basis (read: this is the day-to-day priority and commitment for you for at least the next few months)
  • have picked some flavour of a web development curriculum

:bulb: IDEA

  • accountability mechanism (if you commit to something in front of other people, you have one more incentive to follow through)
  • tight support group of people who share the same journey & struggles
  • potential debugging / pairing mates
  • kicking off the day with momentum

:package: FORM

  • video chat that you (literally) stand up for (probably done via zoom) + discord / slack group
  • 10:30-10:45am UK time, every day Mon-Fri
  • everyone gets <= 2 mins to answer the following:
    - What have you learned / studied yesterday and how does that compare to what you expected to learn?
    - What’s on your plate today?
    - Is there anything that might throw you off the track? (some concepts being really challenging / you didn’t sleep well…)

Let me know if you’re interested :slightly_smiling_face:



I am highly interested in this idea. Please ADD me.

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I am also interested . Please add me.

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I am highly interested in this idea. Please ADD me.

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Great, thanks for the interest guys! I’ve dropped you all a DM :slight_smile:

UK here, I’m interested but can’t commit to a 10:30am schedule unfortunatly due to work. :frowning: