Dam or not dam question. about <li>. Beginer

Guys help please are there any shortcut way of listing

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  • ? I have like 67 lines recipe base thing for ingredients. Without 23 step by step points which will be later

      Many thanks

    You could use something called Emmet snippets, which allows you to basically write a formula for how many list items you need. Here’s a .gif with an example of how it works, and a link to the extension.

    Otherwise the easiest thing I can think of is to just write <li></li> and then copy and paste that a few times, then copy the last 5 <li></li> items and copy and paste those until you get as many ingredients as you need.

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    Good day @holdenmad! Thank you very much! I have done copy and paste and got it quicker through it!
    Like the idea of Emmet snippets but I will investigate how to use it properly later on! As I have marked it!

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    Awesome, happy to help!

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