Dan Tribute Page Feedback

I just finished my Tribute Page Project. Please give me feedback. https://codepen.io/dmurdockff/pen/ebQXEg

Hi! I’m not sure if you’re aware but your project doesn’t yet pass all the user stories for the challenge. The easiest way to check is to open up your settings > JavaScript and add the following link to the ones that are already there


Then you’ll be able to use the drop-down menu that appears in the top left corner to test your webpage against the conditions.

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Also, the correct syntax for comments in HTML is <!-- comment -->

Whoops! I missed that line in the instructions! Thank you for pointing that out to me. I really appreciate it.

Thank you! I will make the changes.

Thank you for the feedback, I fixed my comments, I fixed the 3 errors my web was giving me. If everyone could take another look at it, that would be great!

Thank you!