Dark Mode toggle -> Navbar error

Following the question I asked couple of days ago, I went on building a website to practice JS skills, pure beginner code.
Looks fine, responsive and I added dark mode button.
Entire page works, but NavBar doesn’t switch entirely to dark.
I created gitHub repo and deployed it.
Would anyone be so kind to take a look and give me a hint where I’m wrong or point me how to correct the issue.
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Hi @b4c1c

I think you are not giving a color property to your links or just no using the correct one, your links should be white or similar in dark mode. But first check how it looks after put your own styles link element after google font’s link elements.

I hope that helps, good job!!

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You need to set the a selector to use the inherit value for the color property.

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Thank you @carlosvisator & @lasjorg !

I added

nav a{
    color: inherit;

and it’s working! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

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