Data Analysis with Python Projects - Demographic Data Analyzer

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Repl boilerplate not working. Console stuck on ‘Loading Nix environment…’ . Version control not loading also.

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Challenge: Data Analysis with Python Projects - Demographic Data Analyzer

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Unfortunately there’s some issue with the way replit’s handles installing dependencies when importing code from github.

This can be bypassed with a more manual way of preparing replit:

  • Start new replit, with Python template.
  • Clone the boilerplate repository manually.
  • Move cloned files to the root directory.

Commands to do the last two points, from the Shell are following:

git clone
mv boilerplate-demographic-data-analyzer/*.* boilerplate-demographic-data-analyzer/.* .

This approach should work for other python boilerplates that might get stuck on the loading environment.

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Worked like a charm! Thank you so much!

thank you so much. i had been having this problem for a couple of days as well

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