Data Analysis with Python Projects - Mean-Variance-Standard Deviation Calculator

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When I try to test my code, it seems that the replit environment is updating (or downgrading?) its numpy module, which takes well over 10-20 minutes. It would be fine once, problem is, it doesn’t seem to only happen once but every time I run the code; I had one small syntax error in my code and had to re-run it so it started doing it all over again …I am really confused why this happens: the output in the console while it’s updating is:

→ python3 -m poetry lock --no-update
Resolving dependencies…
→ python3 -m poetry install
Installing dependencies from lock file

Package operations: 0 installs, 1 update, 0 removals

• Updating numpy (1.24.1 → 1.18.5)

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Challenge: Data Analysis with Python Projects - Mean-Variance-Standard Deviation Calculator

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In case anyone else has trouble with this in the future, seems that changing the third line in the poetry.lock file from
version = “1.18.5”
version = “1.24.1”
fixed the problem; I’m guessing this tutorial is a few years old and numpy has been updated since; using the current version stops the environment from trying to go through the motions of downgrading numpy, and I had no problems completing the assignment afterwards.


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