Data Analysis with Python Projects - Medical Data Visualizer

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Where to gain information to draw plots?
I cannot understand what this project is asking of me. Right now I am on the section that says, “Group and reformat the data to split it by ‘cardio’…” I put a groupby statement which should split my df_cat into 2 groups of unipivoted data. Is it then asking me to get the count of this data?
I just feel stuck since I don’t feel like I really learned any of this from the videos.
It also does not not help that I do not see a way to run what I have so far and see the outputs. This helped me better understand the data on the previous projects. Is there a convenient way for me to do this?

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Data Analysis with Python Projects - Medical Data Visualizer

There is a link to a second video in the project notes, I found it really helpful for these projects. It goes over directly relevant concepts:

You can use the menu in the description to skip to what you need.

Add a print(df_cat) statement anytime you want to output you dataframe to see how it’s looking. Add it after your melt and groupby to make sure it’s doing what you want.

Ah, I see. I watched the lectures 3 and 4 and think I am understanding seaborn a little better now.
Is there a good way for me to display the catplot I am working on? Right now I only get a <seaborn.axisgrid.FacetGrid object at 0x7fd6ffd5eb60> when I try to print my plot.
Here is my code now: boilerplate-medical-data-visualizer - Replit

I also know I probably should have used a groupby() for cardio… but was finding that challenging conceptually. Is there a way to go back and change that, or am I better leaving it as manually split into 2 smaller dataframes and them combined back into one with concat?

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Nvm! I figured out I can just save it to a png and view it directly there. Thanks for your help on this. Now it appears I just have to fix my overweight column…
And then figure out heatmaps!

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