Data Analysis with Python Projects - Sea Level Predictor

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Replit cannot import the matplotlib package. I tried other versions but get the same error messages every time. I did not change the code as provided when opening the starter code.

I get the following error from the packager:
Using version ^3.8.0 for matplotlib

Updating dependencies
Resolving dependencies…

The current project’s python requirement (=>3.8,<4.0) is not compatible with some of the required packages Python reruiment:

  • matplotlib requires Python >=3.9, so it will not be satisfied for Python >=3.8,<3.9

Because no version of matplotlib match >3.8.0,<4.0.0 and matplotlib (3.8.0) required Python >=3.9, matplotlib is forbidden
So, because root depends on matplotlib(^3.8.0) version solving failed

Exit status 1

The run command gives:
sh: 1: Syntax error: word unexpected (expected “)”)

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import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from scipy.stats import linregress

def draw_plot():
# Read data from file
# Create scatter plot
# Create first line of best fit
# Create second line of best fit
# Add labels and title
# Save plot and return data for testing (DO NOT MODIFY)
return plt.gca()

authors = [“Your Name”]
name = “root”
version = “0.0.0”
description = “”

pandas = “"
python = “^3.8”
scipy = "

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Challenge: Data Analysis with Python Projects - Sea Level Predictor

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I get the same error.

Can you link to your Replit, please?

boilerplate-sea-level-predictor - Replit here’s mine

pip install pandas

you need to install the ‘pandas’ library

I have done that! All necessary packages are installed (and uninstalled and installed again) for a few times already

pip install scipy

There is a ModuleNotFoundError for the ‘scipy’ module in your Python code.

Unfortunatly, the problem is not pandas or scipy missing, but matplotlib cannot be installed. Here is my replit with basically everything commented which still gives the same error. boilerplate-sea-level-predictor - Replit

Try forking this new boilerplate, it should be working:

Actually yours appears to be working as well.

I still get the warning, but import matplotlib isn’t generating an error, so you should be able to continue with the project.

EDIT: Replit might install missing components behind the scenes, not sure if that’s what happened here though.

I think it has to do with the 3.8.x versions of matplotlib. I had the same issues with matplotlib 3.8.1.
Forcing python to use >=3.9 didn’t help either.

I then recreated the project and forced replit to use matplotlib = “3.7.0” in the .toml file.
Now everything seems to work fine.


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