Data Analysis With Python Unittest Issue

Hi, regarding the unittest for the boilerplate-demographic-data-analyzer (2nd challenge in the Data Analysis with Python course) I ran into an issue.

In the “expected” values that are sent to assertAlmostEqual() are rounded to 1 decimal place, but assertAlmostEqual() by default will check 7 decimal places.

This means that those who provide an answer accurate to 2 or more decimal places will potentially fail this test!

Nowhere in the does it tell us to round to the nearest decimal place.

I suggest one of three options:

  1. Adjust the expected value(s) in to be accurate up to 7 decimal places
  2. Send the places=1 parameter to AssertAlmostEquals()
  3. Edit to instruct the student to round their answers to 1 decimal place.

Any thoughts?

There’s note in the file to round to the nearest tenth.