Data Graph Explorer - Build a Data Graph Explorer

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Hello I just want to make sure that this project is supposed to start with an empty google collab file, given that the other projects follow a cell by cell guide with tutorials and intermediate tests.

I think I can do the project no problem, but the rules seems a bit vague such as “Be able to do this for different column combinations, and interpret the graphs”. How do I code the interpretation of the graphs if there is no data to display? Is there any CSV file to work with?

Am I just supposed to create functions for each of the bullet points and join them together in a calculator/app-like function like in the previous projects, then test my own code and submit?

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Data Graph Explorer - Build a Data Graph Explorer

  1. Yes. This project is supposed to start with an empty colab notebook, like the project Build Three Math Games. Write and test your own code and submit.

  2. The CSV file to work with is supposed to be provided at the beginning of the program, by one of the 3 ways specified: uploading from local computer, user’s input of URL, putting URL in the code. The phrase “interpret the graphs” spooks me, as there is no easy way to get the interpretation of a graph in code, I suppose it means displaying the graph of two columns for interpretation.

  3. I think the bullet points are not supposed to be turning into functions and listed in a menu to choose, but to be performed in order. You first get a CSV file, turn the file into a Pandas dataframe, print headings and the first two rows, store the column names as a list, and let the user to choose two columns and display the corresponding scatter plot or line graph.