Data scientist or AWS career path

Hi, guys, I have a question; This couple of days I was wondering about to learn more about data science and also to learn more about AWS with Linux. After a little investigation, is data science related to AWS or vice-versa, is ok to learn AWS with data science or I’m choosing two different careers?

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AWS and data science are two separate things that can be combined. You can learn them together or independently.

I will note, data science requires solid statistical knowledge.

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AWS along with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform are cloud computing services. Most, if not all, of what you do in software development, data science, etc,… can be done through one of these services.

  • You could develop an API, connect it with a database, and deploy it through AWS (or Azure, or GCP), having it up and running on a cloud server all the time with no wake-up time like you have to deal with using Heroku’s free plan or Glitch, for example.
  • You can learn dev-ops through one of these services and be ready to work in dev-ops for a company that uses the service you have experience with.
  • You can host websites, buy domains, build your own virtual network and start a company.
  • Want to build a web app and deploy it straight from VS Code? You can do that with Azure (not sure about AWS)
  • And, of course, you can do the data science/machine-learning stuff you want to do using one of these services as well.

This is just the beginning. In my humble opinion, if you’re not becoming proficient with cloud computing services, you’re falling behind.

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@willjw3 @JeremyLT thanks for the replies, so I believed is worth knowing more about cloud computing and data science; And, of course, create projects using these topics

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