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Do I need a master’s degree to land a job in the Data Science field?

How do people network and get the job, cuz I am struggling a lot and the offers which I am getting are not good enough for my basic needs.

You don’t need to have a masters to get a job.
However obviously it helps with selling your skills and networking. Without it you need some decent portfolio to show off.

As someone who is currently trying to get into the field… yeah I cannot give a lot of advice I’m afraid.
Like I had a job-offering where I could basically work in backend-development and later switch into their DS field which was currently in the making. Sadly I lacked the backend knowledge to land that position.

Personally, if you are writing applications and don’t seem to get into the field, try getting something close to it? Like I’m debating when to start applying for data-analyst or downright python-dev in hopes of getting some expirience while trying to get into DS.

Keep in mind, data analysis is a fancy way to say “statistics”. You need solid statistical skills.


I would say you hit the nail on the head on this one .

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A DS should also have decent statistical skills though.
I mean, while the modelling algorithms do most of the heavy lifting for actually training the model - it’s expected to have a decent understanding of what they do and that is statistics.
Plus before building the model comes the preprocessing, which involves explorative data analysis for data cleaning and feature engeneering before the modelling can even begin.

While I’m not speaking from working expirience - I did the DA course from Google and a DS course on Udemy. And the former involved basic approaches to deal with data, while only the latter looked at actual statistics (by literally having 1/3 of the course about statistics).
So at least taking that angle, Google themself doesn’t seem to put to much value into statistics for DA. Making me doubt it’s more demanding than it would be in DS.

You are free to correct me if I’m wrong ofcourse ^^
This would put a bit of a dent in my application-process as I’m running out of Junior DS jobs to apply and wanted to branch out to DA soon…

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I’m always dubious when any program downplays the stats underpinning DS/DA/ML/AI. Some of that may be the fact that I was a professional analyst for a few years and stats was key is my job, so I’m inclined to see the statistical basis of that work as important.

A good basis in statistics lets you know if what you are doing is fundamentally sound and it helps you understand goodness of fit metrics and respond appropriately with alternate analysis if needed.

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True. This also kinda puzzled me in the Google course… anyway, the point was that DA could be an alternative to DS or a stepping stone towards it. Because both have to have an understanding of the statistics.

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Recruiters do as about Power Bi and Tableau

That’s really good info, these days people who are hiring don’t give clarity on requirements, especially in India. It would mean a lot if someone here would help understand how to network with people in order to land a job, I’m stuck at an internship which does not have growth they also offered me a full time role

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