Data Structures - Add a New Element to a Binary Search Tree

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I am not able to digest, knowing the fact that i am able to initialiase root, root.left or root.right without defining the root variable. root is only define to use as an instance variable of an object in a constructor function.
Please somebody help me to clear my concept.

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var displayTree = tree => console.log(JSON.stringify(tree, null, 2));
function Node(value) {
  this.value = value;
  this.left = null;
  this.right = null;

function BinarySearchTree() {
  this.root = null;
  // Only change code below this line
  this.add = function(ele){
    let node = new Node(ele);
      this.root = node;
    else {
  this.insert = function(root,newNode){
        return null;
      else if(newNode.value < root.value){
        if(!root.left) {
         root.left = newNode;
        } else {
     else if(newNode.value > root.value){
       if(!root.right) {
         root.right = newNode;
       } else {
  // Only change code above this line

let bst = new BinarySearchTree();


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Challenge: Data Structures - Add a New Element to a Binary Search Tree

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  • this is where Node constructor is being called, and which means it will have “left, right, value” properties

does that cleat things up a bit?

happy coding :slight_smile:

function Binary() {
  this.root = null;
  root = 'hello';

let b = new Binary();

What will you say about this???

what do you see in console when you run this?

if constructor functions are something that you need to work with then you can read about them that will give you more in depth info about how to use them in your code.

happy reading :slight_smile:

I hope this explanation can help a bit:

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