Data Structures - Adjacency List

the test suite passes this, although after a re-read i think this is wrong

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var undirectedAdjList = {
  James: ["Jill", "Jenny", "Jeff"],
  Jill: ["James", "Jenny", "Jeff"],
  Jenny: ["Jill", "James", "Jeff"],
  Jeff: ["Jill", "James", "Jenny"]
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Challenge: Data Structures - Adjacency List

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and this would be right, i think (which also passes):


var undirectedAdjList = {
  James: ["Jeff"],
  Jill: ["Jenny"],
  Jenny: ["Jill", "Jeff"],
  Jeff: ["Jenny", "James"]

You can put whatever you like in the arrays as long as the main edges/relationships of the requirements are satisfied.

Not sure if I would say it is wrong (or just excessive or unnecessary) but that is how the tests are written.

nah, i think there are excessive edges, as in, non existent edges expressed. github shows its only testing positive edges, not the 0 edges.
maybe i will fork on github but not sure i could get into test suite/assertions file

You can fork the repo and make the changes directly to the .md file, but I wouldn’t suggest that. I’d suggest using Gitpod instead.

If you install the Gitpod extension you get a Gitpod button on the repo as well.

is that related to github?
i’ll have to have a look tomorrow

Are you asking if Gitpod is related to GitHub? If so, no (as in they are not owned by the same entity). But it is a very handy way of working with repo code.

GitHub has Codespaces but that isn’t free (as far as I know).

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