Data visualisation - Treemap diagram

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Please take a look to my last data visualisation project.
I have one issue what I could not able to resolve: somewhere the text overflow the rect elements. It is not visible because the background also white as the text. I tried many thinks to find any solution how to hidden overflow text but not unsuccessfully.
If you know the solution please let me know



Hold down the left mouse button and drag it across you diagram highlighting all the text.

How are you determining the size of the text container? Currently, it is not proportional to the data block.

In SVG when things overlap what is drawn second is on top of what is drawn first.

In “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “the” overflows its data block and the
next row is on top of the “e”.

E.T. on the other hand, wraps after the second character when it has lots of horizontal room.

Many treemaps I’ve seen show the data on hover which solves the problem.