Data Visualization bar chart

Hi all,

I’m so close to being done with the bar chart, but there is an error getting the tooltip to show up. I’m not sure what the rules are for posting solutions to a project on here (that’s pretty much almost done) but I can certainly add it if needed.

I have read that there is an issue with the way freeCodeCamp set up this project that makes the tooltip not show up. It was a simple fix to go from version 7 of d3 to version 5, and then it worked like a charm. However, it has disappeared again, and I don’t know what to do

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!

The only difference for the tooltips as far as D3 versions go is the interface by which the mouse event functions are called, so that won’t affect your ability to display tooltips. You should be using the latest version of D3 anyway so that your code can stay current with the current D3 documentation (most tutorials and examples are for long outdated versions of D3). There aren’t any issues with this project on the fCC side of which I’m aware.

If you’d like debugging help on the forum, you’ll have to post something, preferably a link to a codepen.

I figured it out. Something to do with how my eventListener was coded. Thanks!

I did notice that you have the FCC test suite loading twice. You put in the settings and also in a script tag in your HTML.

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