Data Visualization Challenges?

Hi all. I just finish the front end development course. Do you think it would be better to finish the data visualization challenges before going to the back end development lessons?

My personal opinion is that it’s a bit of a yes and no—yes to React and no to d3.js. You don’t have to finish the data visualisation challenge before moving onto the back-end challenges; particularly if you have more of an interest in the back-end challenge; however, I think it would be beneficial to learn React if you are interested in working for companies that tend to hire people with React experience. I personally use React/Redux for all of my back end projects, but I only did that because I wasn’t sure that I could do it and I wanted to practise.

In terms of turning data into charts, there is actually a bit in the back-end projects—but you may use either d3.js or other libraries like charts.js (I like d3.js, but I also think that the learning curve is a bit steeper; chart.js, for example, is less powerful but friendlier for common chart types).

I hope that helps. :slight_smile: