Data Visualization Projects

Hello everyone… can i use JQuery in the Data Visualization Projects ?

Theoretically, you should be able to as the tests are looking for the correct elements in the DOM. Practically, I think drawing most of the things required would be tedious at best without D3. If you are looking to use jquery for other stuff and D3 for the visualization, that would probably be the best alternative (it’s fairly trivial with react, for example).

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i was thinking to use JQuery to do the ajax part, but there is any better method?

You could simply use d3.json()? I think that’s what’s covered in the curriculum and works hand-in-glove with everything else you’re doing.

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They’re all basically the same anyway. JQuery’s AJAX stuff will work as will axios and browser fetch.

The canonical way would be with D3 using d3-fetch, which gives you data parsers on top of the native browser fetch and is already installed if you are using the D3 bundle.

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