Data Visualization with Heat Map - need your feedback

My third Data visualization project and first Heat Map
here Data Visualization Projects - Visualize Data with a Heat Map - D3js Heat Map - CodePen

I would expect your valuable feedback on the project.

(It has one issue, the cell areas overflow it’s x-axis, I’ve fixed them with transform, is there any other good way you can describe by yourself? )

Thanks in advance for your time and feedback.


You have done a pretty good job. Congrats!!

However, there is always room for improvements. I would like to suggest few even though it is not necessary but If you did will enhance the Heat Map.

  • Make it responsive
  • Use d3 colorscale to generate colors and also use it to generate legend dynamically (it looks like you are doing it manually)
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@4slimbu, thank you for your valuable feedback, I really appreciate.

  • I wonder if I make the map responsive how it will be considering its size and it should not break at any point.
  • d3 colorscale - and dynamic legend- Thank you once again to remember this, when I was working on this, my focus was on to make it live, actually I did not think that point- surely it would be better what you suggested. I need to learn more on this.

:gift_heart: for your feedback! :slightly_smiling_face: