Data Viz Project completion question

I had a question on the completion of previous data viz projects in the curriculum section of the site. To date, the first two projects are marked completed because I had previously completed them on CodePen and submitted the url but since then I have removed the pens from CodePen altogether (thinking that I would like to change how the overall information was previously presented…at some point).

So, my question is whether I will need to resubmit pens again for the completion of the already submitted projects or not. I have this topic marked as "flag", as I read in another thread that it will be a private thread with the moderators if I read it correctly.

This is not a private thread. You have just flagged it.

If you have previously submitted urls for your projects and claimed your certification already, then you would need to resubmit ASAP with valid/passing urls.

Thank you for the reply. I haven’t completed the certificate yet, only a portion of the projects.

be sure to have working projects with test suite with all tests passing included at each of your submitted urls when you go claim your certificate, before that do not worry