Database Courses Undergoing Maintenance Issue

I wonder if anyone is still getting this error message on their database course page? It has been there for like two months now.

I try ignoring the message and clicking start course button on Learn SQL by Building a Student Database: Part 2, CodeAlly is loaded but when I clicked Run, it returns the error message “Test Runner Failed”. I tried resetting and soft resetting, none of these work. Is this error to do with the undergoing maintenance?

I also tried moving onto the next course: World Cup Database, its CodeAlly could not load. Can anyone tell me what to do? Or how long will the maintenance take? Thank you so much!

Welcome there,

Yes, we put that banner up when we know there has recently been an issue with the course tooling. It is visible to everyone.

Until the banner is removed, you are likely to encounter issues completing the course online. As such, you are welcome to complete it locally.

Unfortunately, there is no way to give an estimate here. This course involves multiple teams and platforms to run.

I hope this somewhat helps.

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