Database in FoxPro

I had a great issue. I am using Visual FoxPro. Not so many days ago one of my databases denied opening, firstly I thought it was a bug. But I opened it second time and FoxPro gave me message The table will need to be repaired before using again. Before everything had been fine. I don’t know what problem might be, but I would be appreciated for help.

If you don’t know what to do. You may visit search machine and to use one of the queries, I’m sure one it might help you to easily solve your issue, for example this one restore dbf file

OR unique resolution might be

Copy a valid memo file over the corrupt memo file to access the database again.

NOTE: The original memo field information will be lost unless the valid memo file was an exact backup of the corrupt file. All memo field backup files have an extension of .TBK.

The corrupt memo file will have an .FPT extension, such as OLD.FPT. In the following example, assume NEW.FPT is a valid memo file. To bypass the error message and access the database again, type the following command at the MS- DOS command prompt:

Copy new.fpt old.fpt