Database on dBase

I’m using dBase PLUS 9, it is quite old software, but on my job it is usual practice. I launched my program and tried to open working database and I saw: Cannot open file DBF. I asked my colleagues what to do in such situation. We tried to open other databases, they were valid.

Wow… I have very fond memories of dBase II. It’s my first introduction to databases, and queries… then I moved on to FoxBase (faster), then Clipper 87 (even faster since it’s compiled), MS Access, then SQL Server 7.0… and now SQL Server 2014.

Sorry, can’t offer any other suggestion to your problem. Might have been file corruption. Do you have backups?

Below you may know how to fix dbf files or open dbf via MS Excel
However, sometimes nothing can help, in such case I googled a little bit, and I found articles, guides, resources, etc…
Navigate to the folder containing your DBF file.
Right-click the DBF.
Drop down to the “Open With” submenu.
Select “Microsoft Office Excel” from the list of programs.