Database questions... how to add quantities of items after a search..?

First of all I am dealing with a Wordpress website that I will get away from Wordpress in the future.

So, for this project I am thinking about using MySQL database, and PHP… What do you think of that option? Does FreeCodeCamp offer any information about PHP and MySQL? … Could I do it in a different way and work it in the Wordpress website? … for now, I think PHP and MySQL might be the easier way around…

I want to create a quote request system, in which you search a database, get results, and then add quantities and send the quote request… maybe similar to a shopping cart, but instead of shopping, its just a request for quote after a search results.

So, I know how to create a table and do a search bar and get the results… now… How would I go about to do the second part of having a quantity option on the side of the results so that it can be sent for a request with the amount of quantities per item?

I am not looking for the coding… just if anybody has any directions on how to go about on creating this part of of the project…

Thank you much!