Database questions

Is there a way to make a database in which i can just store peoples equations on my calculator -->

I wanted to, on right of the calculator, make a list of the most recent inputted equations that worked (up to date). It would be cool if i could save the username and put it next to the equation (or date and time), but i can see why that could be a violation of privacy.

Would this work, is there a way? Please ask for more clarification.

If you are going to have “usernames” that requires authentication which is way out of scope for what you are wanting to do. If you want to just show the most recent equations with a timestamp, that is possible and I don’t see how that is a violation of privacy. It’s not like people will be putting their passwords and social security numbers into your calculator…

Yes, keeping track of the most recent equations would work, but you would have to create your own api to store the data for you. That’s probably a bit out of reach for your project.

Yeah, i though storing usernames was a little much since people could do that with the Local Weather App.

Is creating a API hard? Is it just like creating a function, or for storage, a array? Do i store it on my computer? Is it built into codepen?

Try Firebase. Their Realtime Database is pretty easy to learn (the basics anyway). Their documentation is great - you don’t need prior knowledge of databases or backend (in fact Firebase is a BackendAsAService). I just started using it myself and it’s great and would solve what you are trying to do. Also, it’s free just by using your Google account.