Database Scaling Suggestion

Hello Developers, I have more than 10 million data in my Postgres DB and it takes 5-10s to fetch, and sometimes it gets worst. Is there any premium course available where I can learn How can I scale, improve my code fetching performance, etc… ? Thank you.

10 million records is probably the realm where doing stuff slightly wrong can have some negative effects on performance.

However, whatsthat “slightly wrong” aspect makes all the difference, and is very much “in the details”.

From misconfigurations (no indexing), bad database design, to just fetching a lot of data at once, to running the database on a weak machine, to not scaling the database horizontally, etc etc. The list of what you could do goes on, but also really requires you to know more or less where the “slow points” are.

You could take a course that goes over all this stuff, that may or may not go over the exact solution you need to optimize your database. Or more importantly knowing enough to determine what the slow point is in the entire thing will at least allow you to focus your efforts on fixing that “slow point”.

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