Datapicker Calendar

Hello guys,

I am trying to copy a datapicker calendar for my project and I found one that I like it, but the problem is that I don’t know how to do it and style it.

I’ve attached some pictures with the design. Can anyone help me doing it ?


Hi @Mendoza, welcome to FCC forums! I hope you find what your looking for :slight_smile:

So usually building a calendar widget requires more than just design and styling, as date and time use-cases are stupidly complex, to the point you should never do it yourself. So building one from the ground up is almost out of the question.

So, where did you find this widget, and do you know anything about how it works? You might need tons of bells and whistles, or you just need a run of the mill date-picker. It all depends on your own requirements.

Finally, what are you currently using for your project so we can find more relevant date pickers, as there is no use in recommending a React date picker if your using VueJS, or just vanilla JS.

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