Datetime Attribute - bug?

Do I miss something or is there a bug??

Would you mind posting your actual code and not just a screen shot? It will help us debug faster for you.


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Actually, I was able to figure out your issue without the actual code. You did not follow the directions. You were not supposed to add another paragraph element. You were supposed to wrap the time tag around the existing “Thursday, September 15<sup>th</sup>

The date in question is in the first paragraph element. I suggest resetting the code for the challenge and trying again.

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    <h2>Mortal Combat Tournament Survey Results</h2>
    <!-- Add your code below this line -->
    <p>Thank you to everyone for responding to Master Camper Cat's survey. The best day to host the vaunted Mortal Combat tournament is Thursday, September 15<sup>th</sup>. May the best ninja win!</p>
    <!-- Add your code above this line -->
        <p>Posted by: Sub-Zero on <time datetime="2016-08-13T20:01Z">August 13<sup>th</sup></time></p>
        <p>Johnny Cage better be there, I'll finish him!</p>
        <p>Posted by: Doge on <time datetime="2016-08-15T08:12Z">August 15<sup>th</sup></time></p>
        <p>Wow, much combat, so mortal.</p>
        <p>Posted by: The Grim Reaper on <time datetime="2016-08-16T00:00Z">August 16<sup>th</sup></time></p>
        <p>Looks like I'll be busy that day.</p>
      <p>Posted by: The Grim Reaper on <time datetime="2016-09-15">"Thursday, September 15<sup>th</sup></time>
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See my previous comment.