Dating app Using VueJs, GraphQl, and Elixir(Phoenix)

Hello Everyone,

In order to learn the mentioned technologies I want to develop a dating app. I’m looking for people who are interested in learning and helping me in this. We will start with something simple, then we will improve it to a full featured app.

I mention that I have previous experience with node, graphql and react.

You should post a link to your project, so others can view and make recommendations to you about next steps. No one is going to map it all for you. You are going to have to do some work up front to lay out your project.

Thank you for this clarifications @RandellDawson. Basically I haven’t started it yet. the idea just came to my mind and wanted to know if someone is interested in this adventure. It’s for learning purposes and not for making any profit from the app or something like that. The things that I can profit doing so is leading a team of developers, trying knew things in a pragmatic way, learning functional programming paradigm through Elixir, strengthen myself in graphql, and many more…

I don’t know GraphQL or Elixir (yet) but might be interested in contributing, since I’d like to learn more about them and I’m moderately familiar with Vue.js.

Thank you @astv99 for your interest . to mention that I only know some graphql, I used apollo client in a project. For elixir I don’t know it, I just know that it is powerful in concurrency . For vuejs I tried some basic stuff in it.

This will help us to remove the fear in taking project that involve technologies that we don’t know, and how we learn them in a pragmatic way.

what do suggest, cloning an existing app or making a custom design?

I don’t know almost anything about coding dating sites but I’m an experienced dating site user. I’ve been using them since 2015 when I divorced my wife. I couldn’t find any long term relationship since then, mainly because I didn’t search for one. I’ve been married for 10 years. Do you know what means to be with only one woman for 10 years? Some of you might know but many won’t. Being married for 10 years doesn’t mean being with one woman for that period, right? I was faithfull. Now I don’t even recognize myself. Every month with a new girl. I deviated from the topic, right. So, you need something inovative if you want to gain clients. I like the change that PURE has come with. It’s all anonymous, you don’t know what you’re gonna get. It’s intriguing and it keeps you online. Keep it simple and intriguing. That’s also what people look for in a relationship, isn’t it? They like to be amazed, to be intrigued. Good luck!